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We will create a new custom vinyl liner just for your pool. Vinyl Liners are a custom made sheet that lies between your pool structure and the water.  Liners are meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. They can come loose, or rip and can be replaced.

We will sandblast away any old pant to ensure your plaster interior sets properly.

Sandblasting is generally used to remove paint from the existing pool surface in order to plaster the interior. Sandblasting is a crucial part of pool restoration in which the pool has been previously painted.


A1 Pools personally customize safety covers that can be made and attached when the pool is not in use and can protect the pool from winter weather. Safety covers protect your pool from unwanted debris such as leaves or objects in the wind. These also make sure your pool is a safe atmosphere for those around it.

A1 Pools is capable of installing motors & pumps for your pool. A swimming pool pump circulates water through the pool's filtering system, mixing chemicals and sanitizing the water to keep it free of contaminants and debris like algae and bugs. It's important that your pump be properly sized to your pool so this cleaning system operates efficiently.

A1 Pools can create year-round pools and spas by installing the proper filter and heater. A pool heater will be able to keep your ideal temperature and balance your water temperature throughout the year. Depending on the type of heater, the pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the heater to be heated to your desired temperature.

A1 Pools specializes in customization; we can create a customer automatic pool cover just for your pool. Serving as a convenience and an isolation barrier that acts as a layer of protection for children and pets. The custom vinyl fabric helps retain heat and chemicals and seals out leaves and debris. Automatic pool covers typically run on a set of tracks.

We build custom in-ground spas. An in-ground spa can be built into a cement patio, surrounded by a wooden deck or even sunken into a lawn. In-ground spas can be backyard centerpieces, landscaped or hidden by a garden for a romantic getaway. Custom designed spas can also be a fantastic addition to your pool.

To ensure your privacy is kept, to keep out unwanted debris from gusts of wind, A1 Pools can build a block walk to your specifications around your pool.  We will add-on to a current preexisting wall or just build one from the ground up. This option is only available to customers that purchase a pool.

We offer the Pool Valet, which is a self-cleaning and circulation system that can be built into your pool itself. While the system is functioning and cleaning your pool, you can enjoy the water at the same time.

Block Walls

Replace Vinyl Liners

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Services offered for Residential & Commercial Work:

No matter what you need designed; replaced or upgraded we can do it. If you are purchasing a pool a preexisting brick wall can be raised or one can be built from the ground up to your exact specifications.


Replacing broken equipment


Replacement of vinyl liners

Replace broken or cracked bricks

Restoration of Old Decks

Alteration of Brick Walls

Upgrading Pool Systems

Upgrading In-Ground Spas

Conversions of Vinyl to Gunite

Conversions of Gunite to Vinyl

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Filters & Heaters

Motors & Pumps

Safety Covers

Self-Cleaning Pool Systems

In-Ground Spas

Automatic Pool Covers


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